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Faster and more efficient data collection and processing

The dabl system provides faster and more efficient data collection and processing

The dabl online centralized ABPM system provides a faster and more efficient method of collecting and processing data from multiple sites.

Data is collected in a standardised format irrespective of the location of the site. This provides a number of benefits including:

  • Real-time access to clinical data and information on trial progress, role dependent.
  • Higher quality data and lower trial costs due to automatic checking of data.
  • Instantaneous alerts to safety and enrolment issues at the time of data upload.
  • Decreased number of queries (as the system and data checks are configured to the protocol).
  • Faster time to data lock.

In addition, the dabl online system provides the largest array of BP derived statistics available today. Covering blood pressure level, variability, circadian changes and derived indices, these statistics provide greater insight into treatment effects by allowing the influence of investigational drugs on circadian patterns (such as nocturnal BP and the morning surge) to be detected.