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ABPM fitting illustration

Application of ABPM.

During the trial, numerous blood pressure readings will be recorded over predefined periods by a non-invasive 24-hour blood pressure device which is worn by subjects as they go about their normal daily activities.

Day 1 - Fitting the ABPM Device

When the subject arrives at the trial site, a small device is attached to a belt around their waist which is connected to a cuff on their arm. This device automatically records blood pressure at regular intervals over a 24-hour period whilst the subject goes about his/her normal daily activities.

View Video: How to fit an ABPM device

Day 2 - Removing the device and uploading the readings

Measurements are stored in the device and are uploaded to dabl's secure online centralized ABPM system by the study co-ordinator when the subject returns to the trial site after 24 hours. Within seconds of uploading the data, the dabl system produces a full report for the investigator.

The study co-ordinator is instantly alerted to any safety or enrolment issues at the time of data upload. In addition, the Sponsor/CRO is provided with rapid access to trial data and information on trial progress.

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